Gers: 8 months in prison for driving without a license and insurance while testing positive for cocaine and cannabis.

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On Tuesday, January 24, a 38-year-old man was tried, who was stopped while driving a car for drug use. The motorist was also driving without a license, without insurance and with an inappropriate registration certificate.

On Tuesday, January 24, a 38-year-old man was tried for driving without a driver’s license and using drugs. He was also prosecuted for lack of insurance, non-compliance with the gray card, and drug use. Facts that happened when a person went to work, on January 15, in the city of Miranda. It was about 11 pm when he came across a police check. During the screening tests for THC and cocaine are positive. Later, laboratory tests will confirm the presence of these substances in the motorist’s body.

In court, the latter tries to defend himself as best he can, pointing out that he used CBD. If this last molecule also comes from the hemp plant in the same way that THC does, unlike the latter, it is legal. But during the tests, no traces of CBD were found in the body of the thirty-year-old. Regarding cocaine, he admits: “My last use was on New Year’s Eve, I didn’t know it stayed in the body that long.” The court remains formal, “nothing justifies such behavior.”

8 months in jail

For these facts, the motorist was sentenced to 8 months in prison with criminal liability. As an additional penalty, a 30-year-old citizen is not allowed to retake his license for 6 months and will have to pay 250 euros in criminal fines and 75 euros in fines for not changing the name of the gray card holder. .

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