Gers. Vaccine: the puzzle of obligation

The obligation to vaccinate staff in health facilities raises many concerns in the Gers, and this whatever the side of the barrier. “I am not in favor of obligation, confesses a director of the nursing home. In nursing homes, we will be forced to bypass the staff we need!” Many establishments are already struggling to find staff. Here caretakers, here accountant. “We talked a lot, but it wasn’t enough.” At the Mirande hospital, 10 employees are said to be suspended, which creates great difficulties in the operation of services. According to the Auch hospital management “the human resources department has collected more than 87% of the certificates to date and this figure continues to evolve in real time, hour after hour”.

At CGT Santé we are fighting. “We are campaigning for vaccination, but against the health pass, and it is difficult to get the message across,” explains Christophe Bukovec. It is very difficult to obtain precise figures. The absence of unvaccinated people will increase the burden on those who will be gifted. “It is also difficult to convey the union message.” People reason according to their personal and non-socio-professional choices. But we will lose staff. And that will have direct consequences. “

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