Get into the spirit of Forspoken with the formal wear set.

There’s less than a week left before Luminous Productions finally releases its RPG Forspoken. The game will take players on a magical journey to the kingdom of Atia, where they will have to face monsters and save the inhabitants of the land from a corrupting rift that threatens their livelihood as the protagonist and New Yorkers, Frey Holland.

With the game set to release on January 24 on PC and PlayStation 5, a new set of clothing related to the title has been unveiled. T-shirts, jackets, sweaters, pins and even collectibles, this range of merchandise is designed and inspired by the upcoming video game.

Overall, as you can see in the image below, each of the items is finished in a black and gray color scheme with gold accents, and as for when they actually arrive, the PlayStation Store website states that you can pre-order each item. today, but they won’t ship until February 24th (or February 10th if you want a T-shirt).

If they are in your street, the shop page can be found here.

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