“Get me out of me” breaks the line

Taking risks pays off. This is what we remember after watching the first episodes of Get me out of me, a new series from Crave that deals with a topic that makes the headlines in times of pandemic: mental health.

At a virtual press briefing on Thursday, director Alexis Durand-Brault (Help Beatrice, Robot portrait) referred to as a “straight line” to describe the difference between so-called “normal” people and those with mental disorders. The former follow her, the latter shatter her. “But the straight line doesn’t exist in nature; it is the human being who invented it ”, he underlined.

To use this analogy, it is precisely because Get me out of me challenge this famous straight line that we appreciate so much. All is not given ready to the viewer from the start. You get to know the characters – and especially the links between them – in a dropper.

And according to the director, the series will take a whole different turn at 5e episode. A pivotal episode that will make us want to see the first to see what we missed, we are told. Intriguing…

Five-star distribution

Original idea by Sophie Lorain and Alexis Durand-Brault, who also produce and write the series, Get me out of me transports us to the heart of a team of deeply dedicated mental health workers. With many nuances, Pascale Bussières interprets Justine, a pragmatic, rigid and falsely insensitive psychiatrist who receives and assesses the patients brought in by Clara (Sophie Lorain, always very fair), Myriam (touching Sandra Dumaresq) and Gabriel (solid Bruno Marcil), three frontline workers. In addition to exercising a profession that seems to eat away at all their energies, they face serious personal problems. In other words, there will be no easy ones.

Sophie Lorain

Photo courtesy, Yan Turcotte

Sophie Lorain

As for Vincent Leclerc, to avoid revealing a detail that would spoil your pleasure, let’s just say that he plays a bipolar man named David. Let us also add that it bursts the screen.

Also in French

Initially, Sophie Lorain and Alexis Durand-Brault were not supposed to write Get me out of me. But when Crave asked them to deliver the episodes earlier than planned, the writers they recruited, Michel Monty and Mathieu Arsenault, were forced to leave the ship because they had other, more pressing commitments.

The Quebec series will benefit from a simultaneous release in English Canada via Crave, in a subtitled or dubbed version. Perfectly bilingual, Pascale Bussières and Vincent Leclerc provided their own dubbing. Because she is currently running A family bond, a series intended for ICI, Sophie Lorain has passed her turn.

Pascale bussieres

Photo courtesy, Yan Turcotte

Pascale bussieres

And concerning this title song that we hear in each episode, it is obviously a rereading of the 1996 success of Daniel Bélanger signed Dazmo and interpreted by Sally Folk.

Get me out of me lands on Crave Super Ecran on May 7 at 8 p.m. ET.

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