Ghost ‘n Goblins Resurrection – A PC and console release date

Game news Ghost ‘n Goblins Resurrection – A PC and console release date

Already available on Nintendo Switch since February 25, Ghost ‘n Goblins Resurrection will soon seduce us on PC and consoles.

Ghost ‘n Goblins Resurrection, the remake of the first episode that strongly convinced us only a few weeks ago with its Nintendo Switch version will therefore make its comeback on June 1, 2021. Yes, the title of Capcom will be available on this date on PC via Steam, but also on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! This will allow us to (re) dive into this kingdom filled with all kinds of demons and once again face a legendary difficulty. Note, however, that newcomers can also attack the journey of Arthur, hero of this epic, with the Lack of mode. The latter allows novices to have unlimited lives.

Ghost ‘n Goblins Resurrection also comes with an all-new multiplayer mode. Indeed, a second player can now assist Arthur by switching between three support characters: Barry, who generates protective barriers, Kerry, who carries Arthur, and Archie, who builds bridges to avoid many dangers.

Everything is already available for pre-order on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players who pre-order the game on consoles will be able to play Ghosts’ n Goblins Resurrection 24 hours before its official release. Players who pre-order the title on Steam will walk away with a mini-soundtrack and special wallpaper.

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