Ghost of Tsushima: a DLC or a stand-alone would be in preparation

Game news Ghost of Tsushima: a DLC or a stand-alone would be in preparation

This is typically the kind of statement that can stir up a lot of players. Without warning, insider Shepshal_Nick announced on Twitter that Sony would be about to reveal new features around the Ghost of Tsushima franchise.

These comments spread like wildfire on social networks during the day. And for good reason, with the reputation and success of Ghost of Tsushima, this kind of announcement arouses the curiosity of players.

From what is known at the moment, Shepshal_Nick has stated that a stand-alone expansion or, alternatively, a DLC in the universe of Ghost of Tsushima is expected to be announced soon by Sony.. Baptized ” Ghost of Ikishima ”, This new content should be of the same ilk as Uncharted: The Lost Legacy or Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Small contextualization, Ikishima refers to one of the archipelagos that can be found in the Tsushima Strait and which also experienced the barbarism of the Mongol invasion.

In addition, the arrival of the stand-alone in question should be done very quickly. Shepshal_Nick is talking about a fairly close release since Sony is currently considering a release window in 2021.

However, we still lack details on the media affected by this “Ghost of Ikishima”: PS5, PS4, both? Either way, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it land on both generations.

For the moment nothing official, it is therefore necessary to remain cautious in the face of these rumors. However, if this is the case, it is possible that Sony will reveal a little more details on this subject during its PlayStation Experience event on July 8.

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