Giant outage at Orange operator: households in the region temporarily lost the Internet and mobile communications

Fixed and mobile Internet networks, as well as phone calls, were affected by a giant outage that affected much of the region this Sunday morning, September 4th. Traffic was restored shortly before 8 am.

Total shutdown this Sunday, September 4, in the morning for Orange subscribers. Fixed and mobile Internet networks, as well as phone calls, were affected by the giant outage that affected much of the region. In social networks, messages of discontent have multiplied since 6 in the morning.

No network in Orange

“My network has been down for 1 hour now. No more TV or internet. Modem creaks and flashes white. Also no more than 4 g. Are you having a major network outage?” network”, we could read this Sunday morning.

I’m in Beziers, so maybe the failure was local. Strange failure of optical fiber and telephone network at the same time.

— PapaEarly (@spaceworm34) September 4, 2022

“The accident seems to have had a big impact on Lozère, as well as Gare, Hérault and the Eastern Pyrenees,” Lozère fire general headquarters said this morning, indicating, however, that calls to 18 and 112 were still possible. .

Traffic jam from Avignon to the Spanish border

Several sites specializing in monitoring Internet networks have recorded a peak in reports of outages. This is especially the case in the ADSL area, where connectivity was particularly severe for Occitanians, Orange customers.

“The accident affected the fixed and mobile Internet network between 6:00 and 7:50 am on a broadband connection going from Avignon to the border with Spain, operator Orange told us this Sunday. The technical incident was quickly resolved thanks to the prompt intervention of our teams.”

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