Gilles Vincent was in Flerin at the invitation of the bookstore La Folle Avoine and publications Au Diable Vauvert.

The bookstore La Folle Avoine and Editions Au Diable Vauvert hosted the writer Gilles Vincent at Les Fleurines for his latest novel, Ordinary Victims.

In Tarbes, four women are found dead on the property of e-commerce giant Titania. Series law? Professional pressure? Intimate lives brought to chaos? The investigation is carried out by Captain Delbar, Lieutenant Ryuche and Stefan Brindil, a young trainee. This is the explosion that awaits them. The storm that crushes lives and drowns existence; in both humans and beasts… A dark, social, realistic thriller, Common Victims is a cinematic page-turner that mixes the dark web with manipulation.

Gilles Vincent, born September 11, 1958 in Issy-les-Moulineaux, is a French-speaking writer of detective novels, a collection of short stories, two novels of general literature and three thrillers for teenagers.

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