Gimme Summary AI: Summarize articles from the web with ChatGPT

tools for obtaining a summary of the text Not everyone works on the Internet. We recently introduced you to Resoomer, which offers very good results, but its extension has some limitations. Therefore, today we bring you an alternative that shows some interesting assets: Gimme Summary AI. This is a free Chrome extension that allows you to summarize articles from the web using ChatGPT.

Is this a good addition for a summary of text in French? Does he quickly reach his limits ? We have a sharp critical spirit verified this extension for you… and ready to deliver our notification !

How does Gimme Summary AI work?

First, it’s important to note that Gimme Summary AI is an extension that works on all Chromium-based browsers such as Chrome, Brave, and Edge. Therefore, you must definitely install one of these browsers in order to use it.

As always, the installation is very simple. You can then use the module from the extensions menu, provided the requested page contains text.

In all cases, interface very intuitive. Simply open the extension by clicking its icon in your web browser’s toolbar. Then, in the “Summary Instructions” section, simply add “in French” at the end of the sentence to get a summary of the text in French. Finally, click the Generate Summary button to get the article summary.

⚠️Attention: for the extension to work, you must be logged into your ChatGPT account. Also, if there are too many words, the summary cannot be generated. But you have the option to remove a part. Then you have to ask yourself if synthesis delivered up to standard.

Gimme Summary AI: A Good Solution for Summarizing Texts?

In fact, this solution turns out to be interesting (or not) depending on the task at hand..

  • If someone wants AI provide summary “on his place”, result won’t be top notch. Moreover, this practice often amounts to fraud… and detectors already exist for identify AI-generated content.
  • Whether summary is used for read main content (instead of being slowed down by every detail) then Gimme Summary AI has potential.

Indeed, unlike other analogues, this free resume software based on ChatGPT will be rephrase parts. The one who wants the best understand and type The most important so will have access to simplified version.

During our various tests, we did not notice any logical breaks. And this is important! Some equivalent programs cut text anywhere and make it unintelligible.

Here – in any case, on the panel of tests – nothing like that. However, we note a trend towards oversynthesis. In fact, artificial intelligence sometimes take the initiative remove a lot of information.

So this is once again an opportunity to enjoy an overview of the elements communicated by a series of paragraphs, but if you rely solely on AI to help you develop a topic… you will miss out on some interesting and even important points.

Our review of this Chrome extension to summarize texts

There are areas where ChatGPT can impress. In time to sum upit didn’t blind us to that extent… but result outperforms what competitors offer.

because the to complement, it will be helpful for you. This will trim some pages too talkative. We urge you, however, to showcritical mindand for your own reading texts. Despite generous training through machine learning, AI ChatGPT does not have human sensitivity to accurately distinguish important thing from surface.

If you want an ally in time synthesize contentanyway, just follow this link to install Gimme Summary AI!

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