Give a Sweatshirt for Christmas… to your Xbox Controller

For the holiday season, Xbox has listed a hooded sweatshirt specifically designed to accommodate the controller on its online store for sale.

Accustomed to unusual Christmas gift ideas, Xbox is doing it again with this controller sweatshirt. A functional item available in the Xbox Gear Shop along with goodies and other apparel from Microsoft’s gaming brand.

Delivered within a month

No, this is not a cute little sweater that you can give a cat or a smart top with lots of futuristic sensors, but clothes for the controller.

It is offered in two colors, black and white, to match the most commonly used Xbox controller colors. We recommend not wearing custom Elite controllers. The sweaters are made from 100% polyester and are compatible with Xbox Series X|S controllers. There are small sleeves that allow you to put on the handles of the controller, as well as a zipper. It may also allow other Xbox controller models to fit in a sweater.

The store also has an “ugly sweater” and an Age of Empire hoodie. © Xbox

Obviously the highlight of the show is this little hood that covers the controller and completes its installation. The object is real and is sold on the Xbox Gear Shop website for 24.95 euros. The brand tells us that the sweatshirt will be shipped within two to three weeks and delivered within a month at the most.

Collection of unusual items

Xbox not on the first try, far from it. Gaming brand Microsoft, which plans to release a console dedicated to streaming, likes to release the craziest products every year, turning jokes into actual collectibles or fashion items. Check out the online store for an assortment called Xbox Puffin Drinkwear. There’s a hoodie and a parka to dress up… cans of energy drinks (or any cans).

The Christmas items page doesn’t disappoint either, as you can buy one of those famous “ugly Christmas sweatshirts” featuring Age of Empire, a cutting board, or gift wrapping in Xbox colors. Also remember that Microsoft also introduced a clippy Christmas sweater that features a paperclip.

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