God of War is finally on Xbox with this game completely washed out!

This is by far the most unusual news of the month. The indie developer has released a clone of God of War for Xbox Series X and Xbox One. And the result is fun.

It was unthinkable, though. An independent studio has invited Kratos to Xbox Series and One consoles with a fully slammed clone of God of War!

Ridiculous clone of God of War on Xbox

You should have dared! Do you own an Xbox and are disgusted that you can’t play God of War Ragnarok? The studio thought of you… sort of. As Eurogamer noted, a certain War Gods Zeus of Child was available on the Xbox store. And as unlikely as it may seem, this game allows you to embody one of the muses of the PlayStation: Kratos.

No need to rush to buy, this ridiculous copy of God of War is no longer available since the time of our colleagues’ article. What was the purpose of the game? Ask “Kratos to defeat endless hordes of enemies in the arena until you give up or Kratos dies,” clarifies a journalist who has dedicated himself to testing this bead, which still sells for $4. If your curiosity has been piqued, here are a few snippets of this blushing clone, and we can say that the gameplay is hilarious to say the least. Everything is funny: animation, gameplay and graphics.

And if you’re wondering how it ended up on Xbox consoles, it looks like Dolaka Ltd went through the Xbox Creators Collection, allowing it to bypass the normal certification process despite the checks. However, there are restrictions, such as the prohibition of using names or images that are identical to the names of other products. Everything that was not in this game.

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