God of War is the best video game of all time!

Forgive the catchy title, but it’s true: God of War is the greatest video game of all time … according to a long-term exercise led by IGN.

The demigod Kratos has beaten other big names in the industry like The Witcher 3, Minecraft, and Starcraft. The last duel pitted him against the giant Grand Theft Auto V.

In the end, the audience of the IGN site preferred the Nordic universe developed by Santa Monica Studio (60.4% of the votes) instead of the gangster game of Rockstar Games (39.6% of the votes).

Votes on all platforms

Players had many options to participate in this exercise with unprecedented popularity. In total, more than 120,000 players have spoken on Twitter to decide which is the best game of all time.

On the YouTube side, more than 270,000 voted for God of War (63%).

Instagram is a bit apart: it is interesting to note that the popularity gap between God of War (57%) and Grand Theft Auto V (43%) is smaller on this social network.

Let’s wait and see if God of War Ragnarök can continue this huge momentum in 2022!

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