God of War: Ragnarok: Father, Son and the End of the World on Playstation

The boss of the Santa Monica studio was outraged and tweeted about it. Fifteen days before the official release of God of War: Ragnärok, videos flourished on the Internet revealing the game’s surprises and secrets.

Aside from the disappointment of Sony’s sister studio teams, the leaks should have no effect on the expected success of their creation. Four years after God of War 4, the game of choice of 2018 (and sold 20 million copies), a new episode of the saga about the warrior Kratos, who became a god and then banished from Olympus, may suffer a comparable fate, as the reviews are rave.

The son of Atreus is still present

Since 2005, the adventure game saga has been a highlight of the Sony Playstation consoles. After five episodes (not all of them have numbers) in the universe of the Greek gods, Kratos has been communicating with the Norse pantheon since 2018, which has become very fashionable in pop culture.

The new episode is a direct continuation of this title, in which he was already supported by his son Atreus, whose enormous powers we still do not know well enough. Both will have to work hard, with an ax in hand and a son on their shoulder, to prevent the end of the world: Ragnarok from Scandinavian legends.

Thirty hours for the main story

While the storyline has never been overlooked – Kratos is sort of the doppelgänger of the short-tempered and error-prone Hercules of the Greek pantheon – God of War’s huge success is based on a combat setting against all sorts of fantasy creatures. The new episode, necessarily more beautiful and more realistic (especially on the PS5 console), deepens the vagaries of the relationship, between trust and distrust, between father and son. It is thanks to this strong narrative direction that a game that could have grown weary of the less relentless linear pace of hand-to-hand combat manages to innovate.

According to the publisher, it takes about thirty hours to complete the main story, and secondary quests lengthen it by another good twenty.

For PS4 and PS5. Coming out Wednesday 9.

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