GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK on Playstation 5 [Test Jeux Vidéo] – crazy freak

After some great sledding action and a fight between Kratos and Thor, God Of War Ragnarök starts with more rhythm than the first game, but when this prologue ends and we enter the heart of the game, the first moments will give us the impression that you are more in front of the DLC than before the actual sequel. Kratos and his son will indeed first and foremost revisit regions we already know without any notable novelties yet. As if inspired by screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, the developers behind God Of War Ragnarok seem to have a pretty good grasp of the “go and talk” process. The slow exploration of the game’s locations will indeed take place during discussions, which are not always exciting, especially since it will not always be easy to concentrate on exploring the locations so as not to miss anything while following the discussion. Again, this new God Of War Ragnarok seems to be a lot quieter than Kratos’ first adventure on Olympus, as there seem to be few enemies at first.

It’s only by progressing through the story that God Of War Ragnarok will eventually generate interest. We will eventually unlock new regions and solve puzzles to advance our exploration. In addition to the main story, there will also be secondary quests that should not be overlooked if you want to get more powerful equipment and to improve it even more. From time to time you will realize that you still lack items or abilities to access certain places, and some enemies will clearly be too strong for you. In addition to his ax and his trusty Chains of Chaos, Kratos this time will get a spear, the favorite weapon of the Spartans, which, in addition to being able to deal high damage in battle, will also be necessary for you to open certain paths. It is also with this weapon that you will have the best chance of destroying all the crows of Odin, which are often very difficult to catch in flight.

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