GOG’s End of Summer Sale Offers Discounts on Select Classic Games

The sale is worth a penny these days, but GOG’s end-of-summer sale has a lot of cool classics. I look at the menu and there should be something here that you’ve always wanted but haven’t done yet, be it Donut County, Gurugua, Samorost 3 or the rest of Edith Finch.

You can find all games for sale here. Discounts will be valid until September 26. There are only two days left.

Of the four mentioned above, it is Samorost 3 that I personally do not have. I liked the first two of Amanita’s silent adventure series, as well as many of their other games, but didn’t have time for a trilogy. Other games from Amanita are also on offer, including creepy furniture puzzle Creaks and cute goblin Chuchel.

You might also be drawn to the windy RPG Ashen (£9.29, up from £31), the horror platformer Little Nightmares (£4, up from £16) and its sequel (£12.50, up from £31). down from £25) and last year. the fantastic Jeep 4X Slipways (£9.79, down from £14).

But to be honest, there are dozens more that I find great. You will play many, but certainly not all. What do you advise? Let everyone know in the comments.

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