Going Under: The Corporate Rogue-Lite Updates

Game news Going Under: The Corporate Rogue-Lite Updates

New locations, gear, and modes feature Working from Home, the latest update to the satirical dungeon crawler Going Under.

With Working from Home, players will be able to take a break in Jackie’s room and discover the 11 new equipment available. Also count on 25 new abilities, 9 curses and 34 additional items. Also, an Overtime mode adds seven levels of difficulty to existing dungeons; and Impostor mode lets you complete all three main dungeons in random order, leading you to a whole new boss fight.

As a reminder, in Going Under, the player plays an unpaid intern tasked with exploring the ruins of technology start-ups that have sunk. It will be necessary to eliminate the monsters carpet in the places using the office supplies at your fingertips. It is also possible to accept the perilous missions of your colleagues and to climb the corporate ladder, within the limits of your internship status.

Available on PC, the update will launch on February 25 for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

By Tiraxa, Writing


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