Gold Club Wasteland is heading to Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC in August

After the fall of mankind, all that remains on Earth is massive landscapes that serve as a playground for those who remain. Naturally, these became gold courses for the Wasteland golf course appreciate. This is a unique take on a classic golf experience that travels to the ends of the earth for fun.

Similar to Golf with your friends, the game is a mini-golf style experience. Players can play on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC in August once the title is released. Enter a land where 99% of humanity is dead, and all that is left is the 1% that made it to Mars. Earth is left on an occasional vacation for a round or two of golf in this strange future.

It is, of course, a luxury reserved for the super-rich. Travel to strange abandoned places and play golf on several difficult maps. From cities to abandoned factories, players all over the world to enjoy in their golf experience.

The backdrop to this title is filled with details about the story that unfolded on Earth. As players make their way to each hole, they will slowly find brutalist monuments, abandoned museums, and neon signs all hinting at the downfall of the world.

Using these sources, players are supplemented with story of the lone golfer as well as radio shows and spectator narration. Piece together the final story and find out what really happened on the surface of the Earth.

In addition to the already deep story, the experience is a well-composed soundtrack aimed at the citizens of Mars. Nostalgic for the music of Earth, this new vibe is followed by a soft-spoken DJ who briefs players on what’s happening on Mars and political news for the future.

The game is played in three distinct modes for each type of golfer. Some players can just enjoy the story and follow the relaxing round of golf, but an additional puzzle mode is available for skill-based players. During this time, the pros can try out the iron mode, which is an error-free experience.

Enjoy minimalist controls, a simple user interface, and an easy-to-learn gaming experience. It’s a calming and relaxing title, and it’s designed so that only veteran golfers or avid gamers can sit back and relax.

This title is good for users of all ages. All copies of this title include an original soundtrack from Golf Club: Wasteland and a graphic art book explaining the story of the lone golfer.

Golf Club: Wasteland is available on Steam from Studio Demagog in August.

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