GoldenEye 007 will return to Xbox and Switch – Gamosaurus

It’s official, Microsoft and Nintendo have finally reached an agreement. As a result, the classic GoldenEye 007 will be eligible for a remaster that will be offered on both Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

However, while the 4K remaster has already been confirmed for Game Pass, online play will be exclusive to the new Switch version. Therefore, fans of the 1997 game will only be able to participate in the four-player multiplayer mode on Nintendo Switch Online. In any case, patience will be needed to return to the 007 universe, as Rare has yet to announce any release date.

Based on the 1995 film, GoldenEye 007 puts you in the shoes of Bond through a series of levels inspired by the movie of the same name. And this remaster will no doubt be something that FPS enthusiasts will look forward to. As a reminder, GoldenEye 007 remains the third best-selling Nintendo 64 game of all time today. Let’s hope that the return of this cult game will live up to the expectations of gamers.

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