Golf Club: Wasteland shows its green

Untold Tales and Demagog Studio announced Golf Club: Wasteland, a game where a devastated Earth acts as a gigantic golf course reserved for the elites.

In Golf Club: Wasteland, each golfer can find his account using three different modes. Casual players will be able to quietly follow the story of Scenario Mode. More seasoned golfers will try to play each hole by solving the puzzles in Challenge mode. Finally, purists will try ultra-punitive Hardcore mode, where the slightest mistake is paid for in cash. Accessible controls and a minimalist interface allow everyone to play at their own pace.

Let yourself be lulled by a dedicated soundtrack and the testimonies broadcast on Radio Nostalgia From Mars, which gives voice to the nostalgic Martian refugees of the Earth to the rhythm of music straight out of the 2020s. news and announcements which suggest that life on Mars is not the idyllic picture we imagine.

The game is slated for PC (Epic Games Store and Steam), PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One in August 2021.

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