Good deal: the powerful Lenovo X1 robot vacuum tumbles to € 275

The Lenovo X1 robot vacuum cleaner

Thanks to a coupon, the Gearbest merchant site reduces the price of the Lenovo X1 robot vacuum cleaner. With this promotional code, the displayed price is indeed reduced to 275.67 euros (excluding subscription to the optional shipping guarantee). If you choose the delivery method “Expedited delivery” at 4.56 euros and without subscribing to the optional shipping guarantee, the price including delivery is 280.23 euros.

In order to benefit from this discount, you will need to access this page. When confirming your purchase, using this code will give you the reduction: GB-LEVENO . Disclaimer, this discount coupon has a limited number of uses among all Gearbest customers. The reduction coupon can therefore reach its limit at any time.

Main Features

– 3 modes: suction, sweeping, suction and cleaning
– Navigation system with high precision Lidar LDS + SLAM + map algorithm, cartography and intelligent route planning.
– Problem solving ability: anti-jamming, anti-winding of wire. When the vacuum gets stuck under furniture or by a cable, it can identify the problem and become unstuck on its own. If it has been blocked twice in a row, it will notify its owner so that he can set up a restricted area.
– Powerful 2200 Pa suction.
– Low noise, 7 noise reduction optimization.
– Controllable by smartphone.
– Support Amazon Alexa voice assistant, you just need to speak to control the robot.

The Lenovo X1 robot vacuum cleaner

The Gearbest site

The specialized site Gearbest sees its popularity increase. And for good reason: this site for the whole world sells technological devices, ranging from mobile devices to drones without forgetting the connected home, at prices often cheaper than the classic behemoths of e-commerce.

And this is the specificity of Gearbest. We are well used to well established resellers in France such as Amazon and eBay, Cdiscount as well as Rakuten (ex Price-Minister). Gearbest is an e-commerce site aimed at the whole world whose borderless expansion is fully assumed. As proof, the posted prices fluctuate slightly from one day to another. This is caused by the fluctuation of the exchange rate between the euro displayed for an Internet user located in Europe and the reference dollar.

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