Good plan: €6.90 60GB package on Orange network –

Syma Mobile has one of the cheapest deals on the market right now. For a mobile plan with 60 GB internet shell in 4G, MVNO charges €6.90 per month, and this price is not destined to change in a year.

In addition to 60GB of data usable in France, this Syma Mobile package also includes unlimited calls and SMS/MMS from Europe, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland. Also included are international calls from France to 100 destinations and to European mobile phones. Finally, this package provides 5 GB of data roaming. However, this is subtracted from the main 60 GB web envelope.
As a reminder, this mobile plan is optional. It is available on the Orange network.

Things to remember about the Syma Mobile 60 GB data plan:

  • 60 GB of data, including 5 GB in Europe, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland;
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France, Europe, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland;
  • International calls to 100 destinations and European mobiles;
  • SFR and Orange networks;
  • The offer is valid until May 03, 2022.

If this 60 GB package is not enough to meet your needs, Syma Mobile is also offering a 150 GB maxi package for €10.90 per month until May 03.

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