Good plan: €9.99 70GB package on SFR network –

Coriolis Telecom is promoting its free 70GB Brio Liberté plan. Until October 4, you can subscribe to it for 9.99 euros per month. While the price is already attractive for such an offer, there is also no time limit. After a year, if you are still with the operator, you will pay for a subscription at the same rate, which is not often the case with a promotional offer.

This Coriolis Telecom package for €9.99 per month gives you 70 GB of 4G/4G+ internet. This data set is for use in mainland France. However, a small part (9 Go) may follow you during your travels in Europe or DOM/COM. If this amount is enough for you, you do not need to issue a new subscription.

Otherwise, this offer also includes unlimited calls and SMS/MMS, whether in France or from Europe and DOM/COM zones.

This Coriolis package gives you access to the SFR network. It also allows you to take advantage of some benefits such as number presentation, dual call, VoLTE/VoWIFI option, and customer support that can be contacted by phone and email.

Of course, you can keep your current number for free. To do this, simply provide your RIO code to Coriolis Telecom, who will take care of the translation for you.

Thus, here is the information to keep in mind about this offer:

  • 70 GB data on 4G/4G+ networks in mainland France;
  • 9 GB data from Europe and DOM/COM;
  • Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS;
  • SFR network;
  • No obligation and no duration condition;
  • The offer is valid until October 4, 2022.

If the 70 GB plan doesn’t suit you, here are the other promotions running at Coriolis Telecom until October 4th:

  • 20 GB package without obligation for 6.99 euros per month without duration condition:
  • 60 GB bundle with no commitment at €7.99 per month for one year, then €10.99 per month:
  • 110 GB package without obligation for 12.99 euros per month with no duration conditions:

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