Good Plan: Half Price Red Dead Redemption II on PC

Play as an outlaw cowboy in the US Wild West with a 50% discount.

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RDR II is a game developed by RockStar Games (GTA V) available for PC, Sony and Microsoft consoles. It normally sells for €59.99, it currently sells on Amazon for €29.99.

Join the Wild West

The player assumes the role of Arthur Morgan, a criminal from Dutch Van Der Linde’s gang in exile with his comrades. Having lost everything, this gang will seek to settle in new lands. Between vengeance, robbery, duels and furious races, RDR II will take you to a story worthy of the greatest westerns.

Despite the fact that the player is given a lot of freedom (like Skyrim or GTA), the game contains only a single-player campaign. However, it is possible to play the multiplayer game through the online version of Read Dead Online.

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