Good plan: this 50 GB package on the Bouygues network is yours for €7 per month –

When you want to sign up for a cheap and no-obligation mobile plan, you often think of an MVNO. Since these operators do not have the network infrastructure to service or serve customers in the store, they can cut their prices and offer their offers at a ridiculous price. This is the case of Cdiscount Mobile. Known for its aggressive pricing, the virtual operator regularly offers attractive discounts on its non-committal packages. And until August 30, the 50 GB package is heavily discounted, bringing its price down to €7 per month. This offer has no time limit. At the end of the year, payment will be made at the same rate.

Ideal for medium and small consumers, this Cdiscount Mobile plan includes 50GB of 4G data that can be used on the French mainland. From Europe and foreign branches, the subscriber will have access to 11 GB of additional data for Internet access. Calls and SMS/MMS are also unlimited, whether in France or from the aforementioned areas.

Please note that this package benefits from the quality and coverage of the Bouygues Telecom network. It also saves your current number. As usual, you will need to call 3179 and provide Cdiscount Mobile with the RIO number you received. Finally, as this is a non-binding offer, termination can be made at any time and free of charge.

In short, here’s what to remember about this Cdiscount Mobile plan:

  • 50 GB of 4G mobile data in mainland France;
  • 11 GB of mobile data on 4G from Europe and overseas branches;
  • Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS;
  • Bouygues Telecom network;
  • No obligation and no time limit;
  • Offer valid until August 30, 2022.

Other promotional offers available on Cdiscount Mobile until August 30th:

  • 40 GB package for €4.99/month for one year, then €9.99/month:
  • 70 GB package for €7.99/month for one year, then €11.99/month:
    • 100 GB package for €9.99/month for one year, then €12.99/month:

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