Good plan: Win a Proscenic M8 Pro robot vacuum

Not long ago, we present to you the Proscenic competition of the beginning of the year 2021. From now on, it is high time for us to come back to the highlight of this still relevant event: the M8 Pro robotic vacuum cleaner. The manufacturer brand is very confident in the qualities of its new model. Indeed, Proscenic seems to have worked hard to resolve recurring problems with this type of automated vacuum cleaner. Without having had the opportunity to test it, we nevertheless got wind of what this product promised to its users. This is what we will detail without further delay: let’s see if there is something to elbow with Dyson or Electrolux !

To participate in a competition

An advanced mapping device: the number 1 asset of the M8 Pro

Most robotic vacuum cleaners have one major drawback: they are not completely autonomous to understand the cleaning surface. When some get into the wrong rooms, others take all possible obstacles. It is difficult to entrust them with the cleaning when you are not at home, if you always have to intervene!

The M8 Pro solution

The new Proscenic robotic vacuum cleaner incorporates IPNAS 4.0 technology. It consists of a laser designed to scan your home with great precision. Then, data is recorded in a sophisticated mapping system. Then the navigation software takes over. The set gives results 1.8 times more precise than the previous model, namely the M7 Pro. The cleaning efficiency is thus improved by 50%. Additionally, the M8 Pro does not freeze when it encounters significant light variations in the room.

aspi robot Proscenic carpet

After the first aspiration, the M8 Pro remembers the multi-level plan of your home, that is, it takes account of floors and raised floors. Besides, like a Blue Beard, you can deny him access to certain areas of the house. On the dedicated application, it will suffice to frame the part in question. This way, it will ignore places that are too messy or have fragile material. Otherwise, its intelligent cleaning system, called iRoom, allows you to select its activity schedules. Thus, the M8 Pro stands out for its spatial and temporal intelligence. But what about performance?

Robot Vacuum Cleaner from Proscenic: performance of a new generation

M8 Pro automatic drain

In the first place, Proscenic has done nothing to lose power in its new device. Better, the brand has relied on battery life. With a capacity of 5200 mAh, the M8 Pro robot vacuum cleaner achieves 250 minutes of vacuuming in silent mode. Converted to area, this equates to 320 m2 of cleaning for each load. Rather comfortable when you live in a 100 m2! But in addition to these great performances, the Proscenic robotic vacuum cleaner has learned a new very practical trick! Indeed, he knows how to drain himself (as shown in the photo above). The device returns on its own to the Auto-Empy Base, where it ejects all the collected waste, before leaving to collect more. On your side, you will only have to change the base bag. Alas, we are not yet able to inform you about its capacity

Proscenic 2021 competition

If you are interested in this innovation in household appliances, you can still participate in the Proscenic competition. The lucky ones will have the opportunity to test the M8 Pro exclusively. Only two copies are to be won, but the competition also mentions other devices in the same spirit : broom vacuum cleaner, air purifier, etc. Good luck to all participants ! And for less playful souls, you can now switch to our comparison of the best robot vacuum cleaners !

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