Google and Facebook will only accept vaccinated employees into their premises.

So far, several large groups have dared to establish a commitment weeks before early September that will mark the return of many employees to the office.

Internet giants Google and Facebook announced Wednesday that they will require vaccinations for all of their employees brought to their premises, following a wave of similar statements from government agencies in the United States.

The commitment will stand “in the coming weeks” in the United States before spreading to other regions of the world “in the coming months”CEO Sundar Pichai said in a statement, pointing out that it will not apply in countries where the vaccine is not yet readily available. Google will provide details on the exceptions to this obligation shortly. “For people who cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons or in certain population groups”– said the company. When asked by AFP about these possible exceptions, the Alphabet subsidiary did not immediately respond. “Vaccination is one of the most important ways to stay healthy for us and our local residents.”Sundar Pichai insisted.

Likewise, those in charge of Facebook “Will ask everyone who travels to one of our US campuses to get vaccinated.”– said Vice President Laurie Gohler in a message to AFP. In June, the social network informed its employees that those who would like to continue teleworking full-time can request it if their functions allow it. For the rest, it is planned to facilitate remote work, but it is desirable to work at least half of the time on the territory of the company. Facebook plans to reopen its offices at 50% in September and reach full capacity in October.

At the end of March 2020, Google closed most of its premises and asked its employees to work from home. On Wednesday, he pushed back the official date of his return to the office to October 18, initially setting it to September 1. From that date, approximately 80% of employees will be required to physically work on site at least three days a week. The group predicts that about 20% of employees will continue to stay at home.

Vaccinations required at Morgan Stanley and BlackRock

According to the U.S. Federal Agency for Enforcement of Anti-Discrimination in the Workplace (EEOC), employers can require their employees to provide proof of Covid vaccination, except for medical reasons or religious objections. Last month, major US bank Morgan Stanley and asset manager BlackRock indicated that only vaccinated employees would have access to their premises, tantamount to requiring vaccinations as these groups advocate return to the office.

So far, several large groups have dared to establish a commitment weeks before early September that will mark the return of many employees to the office. On the contrary, more and more local communities and cultural organizations are demanding vaccinations, and several US media outlets indicate that US President Joe Biden may announce a commitment for federal employees to be vaccinated or undergo a rigorous testing protocol.

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