Google and Vodafone are building a powerful new data platform

Google and Vodafone have announced that they are extending their partnership for six years, notably to build a powerful new data platform capable of supporting the transfer of 5,000 data streams per day to the cloud.

This platform will allow Vodafone to better leverage its vast amounts of data, in order to deliver new digital products and services to its customers around the world. If Vodafone and Google build the platform to meet the needs of the telecommunications giant, the two companies will also explore the possibility of providing consulting services to other companies, jointly or independently.


More than two years ago, Vodafone decided to transfer its large on-premise big data systems to the Google Cloud platform (GCP). Today, as part of their extended partnership, Vodafone is repackaging its SAP systems and moving them to GCP.

They are also co-innovating the new platform, called Nucleus, to integrate all of Vodafone’s global data using a standard data model and common processes, data sources and data products. The platform relies primarily on the data governance capabilities of Google Cloud.

The Nucleus platform will house a new system called Dynamo, which will extract and manage data from the source systems and distribute it in a standard format. The system can handle the equivalent of 50 terabytes of data per day. The system should avoid redundant data extraction efforts, with reusable connectors and data pipelines. And by basing all user interfaces on common APIs and strong security and compliance protocols, it should encourage data reuse and adherence to data standards in all markets.

Source: .com

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