Google announces that it is using AI to fight spam

Google has announced the introduction of new artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help combat a range of spam. The internal estimate calculates that AI has the ability to block 99% of spam.

Unprecedented potential to fight spam

There are several forms of spam that Google fights at different times when Google interacts with web pages.

What Google has done is create an anti-spam artificial intelligence that Google describes as providing a ” unprecedented potential for revolution»Fight against spam.

Google specially focused its spam-fighting algorithms on sensitive searches that were particularly important to users, such as those related to important topics such as finding medical test sites.


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“By combining our in-depth knowledge of spam with artificial intelligence, we were able to build our own anti-spam AI last year that is incredibly effective at detecting known and emerging spam trends.

For example, we’ve reduced sites with auto-generated and auto-fetched content by over 80% compared to a few years ago. ”

Hacked Site Spam

Spammers will hack into a site and add new pages with links to other sites. A popular site hack that Google warns about is called Japanese keyword hacking because it adds pages in Japanese. It can also take control of your Google Search Console account.


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Google claimed to have caught “most” of the spam generated by hacking sites. AI technology may have increased Google’s ability to catch it by over 50%.

Three areas where Google blocks spam

Google published a diagram describing three levels at which it encounters spam, diagnoses it as spam, and then rejects it.

Illustration: three areas where Google blocks spam

Diagram showing where Google AI blocks spam

Where Google blocks spam

  1. Spam analyzed
  2. Indexed spam
  3. Spam intercepted by manual action

Spam blocked before accessing the index

Google’s crawler (GoogleBot) is software that crawls the Internet for web pages to include in Google’s search index in order to display those pages in search results.

The crawler itself can catch spam as it encounters it so that the spam does not make it to the index.


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Spam added through Search Console’s Request Indexer is also detected and rejected before being included in Google’s search index.

Spam in the search index was blocked before it was classified

These systems do not capture all spam and some spam is integrated into the Google search index. Whenever Google responds to a search query, Google scans the web pages considered for ranking in order to find more spam.

Spam pages found at this level are used to create better web crawling level spam fighting algorithms.

Where do manual actions come from

Google claims that these systems prevent 99% of spam from reaching users. What passes through is sorted by manual actions.


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“We have estimated that these automated systems help keep over 99% of search visits completely spam-free.

As for the small percentage that remains, our teams are taking manual action and using the lessons learned to further improve our automated systems. “

Examine site spam

Google has added poor quality review and shopping sites to the list of sites analyzed by their artificial intelligence tools. Google says it wants to reward content that is in-depth and useful.

“… We wanted to make sure you get the most useful information for your next purchase by rewarding content that contains more in-depth research and useful information. “


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Google Spam Fight enhanced by AI

AI tools were added sometime in 2020. It is not known to what extent this may have influenced search results, but some sites may have achieved higher rankings due to the removal of spam sites that were previously high ranking.

It is difficult from our side to say how successful Google’s fight against spam is. Everyone has an anecdote about a spam site that gets away with its ranking on Google.


How we fought Google search spam in 2020

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