Google Cloud and Nokia join forces in 5G

Google Cloud and Nokia announced a strategic partnership on Thursday, January 14, 2021. The goal is to jointly develop cloud solutions for communication service providers modernizing their network infrastructures with a native 5G cloud core.

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The partners will work together to validate, optimize and develop the functions of ‘cloud native’ networks. They will also seek to invent new solutions to help communication service providers offer 5G networks and dedicated services on a large scale.

Google Cloud and Nokia want to develop solutions that combine Nokia’s operating services in 5G and its networking capabilities with Google Cloud technologies in artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics. These solutions will be accessible on Anthos from Google Cloud, which will serve as a platform for the deployment of applications. Telecom operators will be able to create an ecosystem of solutions that can be deployed anywhere: from the edge of the network to private and public clouds and on private networks.

By delivering cloud-native applications for the edge of networks, customers can benefit from lower latency and reduce their need for on-premises infrastructure, Nokia says. This should help accelerate digital transformation in sectors such as retail, connected factories and online customer experience.

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