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Is this a sign that an adoption is taking place? Or the surreal drift of the Internet 2.0 realizing that the comet has already fallen. And that the dinosaurs at the helm of its current version will need to be combined with peer-to-peer networking and decentralization. Be that as it may, the GAFAM giants can no longer ignore this largely advanced digital economy to get away from them. The latest example is Google, which just created a Web3 team on its Google Cloud platform. A real symbol!

The list of current internet leaders shaking the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow. With the prospect of Web3, which no one really knows yet what it is. Perhaps simply because everyone sees this as an ideology or completely different possibilities, if not opposition. But according to the guidelines, blockchain technology and its decentralized nature should be based on community governance.

A definition that is definitely not in line with the model imposed by GAFAM, both on the Internet and with regard to the management of our personal data. But that doesn’t stop us from seeing Meta (ex-Facebook) try its luck in all the innovative areas of this digital economy. While others do not yet want to take this drastic step, probably waiting to identify possible consequences. A time that has just been ruled out by Google with the creation of a Web3 dedicated team on their cloud platform.

Google Cloud – on the way to Web3

The information seems to have gone almost unnoticed in the midst of the UST stablecoin crisis. But this fact was revealed late last week by the news site CNBC. It’s about creating a division dedicated to Web3 in relation to the Google Cloud platform. Led by former Citigroup chief executive James Tromans. And as a stated ambition to develop a set of features and services for decentralized applications (DApps) developers, this was all confirmed in a recent email sent by its VP Amit Zaveri to his staff.

“While the world is still in the early stages of Web3 adoption, the market is already showing great potential. Many clients are asking us to increase our support for Web3 technologies and cryptocurrencies.”

Amit Zaveri

But this announcement shouldn’t leave room for too much excitement. Because at the same time, Amit Zaveri makes it clear that “being directly part of this wave of cryptocurrencies” is out of the question. Indeed, and again, this dynamic seems more accurately driven by persistent demand from Google Cloud customers. And the answer provided doesn’t deviate a millimeter from that simple prerogative. Namely, “to provide enterprises with the technology to leverage the distributed nature of Web3 in their business. And a clear desire to stand out from the fierce competition from other giants like Amazon, Alibaba and Microsoft.

However, this move could very well be a decisive turning point in this area. With unparalleled impact at the service of the development of Google’s tools specifically designed for the Web3 sector. For example, mining blockchain data or simplifying the process of creating decentralized applications. But perhaps this has already gone too far…

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