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Edge has experienced an epidemic of crashes among the users with Google as default search engine. A shame, when we know that the Microsoft browser is based on Chromium, the engine of Chrome which belongs… to Google.

Credit : Microsoft

For several hours, users of the Edge had the bad surprise experience crashes repeatedly because of a bug very disabling : as soon as they got an address or a search in the browser bar, the software could crash randomly. A behavior that has affected the users who have chosen Google as your default search engine…

Edge only Chromium browser affected

What are the versions of Windows and macOS browser that have been affected by these crashes. Fortunately, Microsoft has been able to identify the bug quickly enough, four hours after the onset of the first crash. The publisher has not gone so far as to say the reasons or the nature of the bug, but one thing is for sure, it appeared on the servers of Microsoft or Google. In fact, users have had nothing to do, no update to install in emergency.

In the meantime, Microsoft has offered a temporary fix, namely to disable search suggestions in the browser preferences. A solution that has actually worked, until patch final. It is now quite possible to re-enable search suggestions without fear of crashing, at least at this level.

This story is all the more intriguing that she works on a browser based on Chromium engine Chrome is obviously the browser of Google. Edge is not the only one to work with Chromium, several others such as Opera and Brave the use. But only one Edge has been affected by the problem.


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