Google Fires engineer claims AI is intelligent

For Google, this was the latest local debate about the ethics and role of artificial intelligence, a field of technology in which the company’s future was at stake.

Lemoine’s claim that LaMDA is sentient has been criticized by the company and several other AI experts, who said these types of chatbots are software that simulates a text conversation with another person, often used for service purposes. clients are not advanced. enough to be aware. .

“If an employee shares concerns about our work, as Blake did, we investigate them thoroughly,” Pappas said. “We found that Blake’s claims that LaMDA is sentient are completely unfounded and have been working on finding this out with him for several months. »

In addition to voicing concerns to the media, Mr. Lemoine said in June that he handed over documents to an unnamed US senator, saying they provided evidence of Google and its technology complicity in religious discrimination.

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