Google Health partners with iCAD for breast cancer screening –

Health is one of the projects that Google takes to heart. Through its healthcare division (Google Health), the tech giant has been working on artificial intelligence technologies for several years, most of which are aimed at detecting diseases.

Now it seems that the company has just taken a major step in its work as it just announced on its blog about partnership with iCAD, a medical technology and cancer detection company. Their agreement is commercial in nature and involves licensing Google Health’s artificial intelligence research model for mammography.

Technologies that will save lives

The AI ​​that Google Health will make available to iCAD is being used to breast cancer screening. As Google notes on its blog, this is one of the most common types of cancer in the world. However, it can be cured and improve the well-being of the victims, if the disease detected on time.

That’s whereAI for mammography
developed by Google Health. According to the firm, this allows “early detection” of breast cancer and may save lives. To do this, the technology will operate along two main lines: improve the accuracy and expand the availability of screenings to reduce disparities between populations around the world.

The partnership with iCAD will achieve these goals by integrating AI into the company’s products and therefore using it in real clinical practice. “By combining the power of our technologies and our teams, we are strengthening our fight against breast cancer and making a positive impact on the lives of patients and their loved ones around the world,” the company said. Stacey StevensPresident and CEO of iCAD.

In addition to licensing its AI technology, Google Health will also provide iCAD with its Google Cloud Infrastructure to facilitate the deployment of their solutions in new regions.


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