Google is working on satellite connectivity for Android 14 phones

According to GSM Arena, this will be supported by the upcoming Starlink V2 satellites, but will work with existing phones as it will use the existing band in the PCS spectrum.

While the existing radio hardware in the current phone will work, it’s not yet clear what software updates will be required, GSM Arena reports.

T-Mobile and SpaceX are expected to start beta testing the new satellite in late 2023 when Android 14 arrives. While it will initially cover the United States, the companies plan to expand the service to cover the entire world.

It will be slow, around 2-4 Mbps per cell, but enough for hundreds of thousands of text messages. Not only simple SMS, MMS, and even “participating messaging apps” will be supported.

Support for voice calls and even mobile data will be added later, although the usability for normal Internet browsing is unknown, the service should have enough bandwidth for 1-2000 voice calls, which is great for emergencies and remote areas, according to GSM Arena.

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