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If you’re struggling with English, Google Meet could be your best friend, whether it’s at work or meeting new people. The video conferencing system is currently experimenting with a feature to translate English on the fly and display the translation as subtitles.

Google Meet is intended to make life easier for users who have a little difficulty in English. Have a meeting scheduled with English-speaking colleagues? So we have good news: a new feature is rolling out. Its concept is simple: translate English live. That is, if your interlocutor speaks the language of Shakespeare, the application will capture their words and instantly translate them in the form of subtitles.

For now, this feature is only in its beta phase and only affects a minority of accounts (Google Workspace Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and Teaching & Learning Upgrade).

English and only English

Furthermore, the variety of translations is also limited. In fact, Google Meet can only translate into English at the moment. The gradual arrival of four other languages ​​is expected: German, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Google’s goal is to provide a video conferencing tool that offers “more global, more inclusive and efficient calls by removing language skills as a barrier to collaboration.” Because in addition to professional meetings, this function can be very useful for foreign students taking online courses. Or more simply, it could help foreign users get to know each other while overcoming the language barrier.

This translation feature is becoming increasingly popular given the trivialization of telecommuting and distance learning. But this also affects the entertainment field, as YouTube is also working on similar tools.

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