Google Nest Wifi Pro WiFi 6E Wireless Router

In addition to launching the new secondgeneration Nest wired doorbell, Google has also launched the new Nest Wifi Pro. a wireless router equipped with WiFi 6E capabilities for “faster speeds and a smoother connection,” says Google. Designed to work with the Google home app. The router has been specifically designed to be easy to set up and provide wireless connectivity throughout your home. For example, the Nest Wifi Pro wireless router will proactively scan for and diagnose connection issues and notify you in the app of any steps you need to take. The Google Nest Wifi Pro Router costs $200 for a single router, but is also available in two packs for $300 and three packs for $400.

“There are days when the WiFi in our house is a little congested. One family member can use it for virtual meetings while another streams their favorite show and a third downloads the latest game. And they all rely on a fast and reliable connection. Today we are introducing our latest Nest Wifi Pro WiFi system with WiFi 6E technology. This new advanced mesh WiFi system helps make all those home connections faster, more reliable and easier to manage.”

Google Nest Wifi Pro Wireless Router

Nest WiFi 6E Wireless Router

“So what exactly is WiFi 6E? As the name suggests – 6 “Advanced” is a big upgrade from WiFi 6. While WiFi 6 was built on the same heavily congested radio bands as WiFi 5, WiFi 6E uses brand new (and less crowded) 6 GHz radio band. Just like driving in the fast lane on the highway, the 6GHz band provides a faster and more direct path to the most reliable internet connection.”

“Setting up your router is easy with the Google Home app, which will show you simple stepbystep instructions to get your network up and running in minutes. The app is also the best place to monitor your network, whether you want to run speed tests, share your password, or set up a guest network.”

Source: Google

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