Google now recommends a longer but more economical route

This new Google Maps feature is suitable for all types of engines, including hybrids and electrics.

In guidance systems, the “fastest” or “free” functions were known. Sign of the times, here’s the “most economical” route. It not only bypasses toll sections of the road, but also takes into account the amount of fuel needed.

Google Maps is launching this new feature in France on September 7th. After selecting a departure and arrival, the system will suggest the fastest, but also the most economical route, if it is not already the fastest.

The application indicates the difference in time and energy consumption. A few extra minutes can be good for your carbon footprint and for your finances. According to Google, this feature would save more than 500,000 tons of CO2 emissions in the US, Canada and Germany. The company plans to double that figure by expanding this feature in Europe.

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The technology adapts to the type of engine. Therefore, this information must be entered in order to correct the manual. It works with petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric motor. Google suggested that “diesel engines are often more fuel efficient at high speeds than gasoline engines, while hybrid and electric vehicles perform better in traffic jams.”

To estimate consumption, Google relied on observed traffic patterns as well as data from the European Environment Agency.

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