Google Photos Has a Hidden Folder You Probably Don’t Know About

If you use Google Photos to back up and store your photos, you’ll be happy – or maybe upset – to know there’s a hidden page full of AI photo editing.

I was looking for confirmation of how Google Photos brackets images in HDR files, and I came across this link which leads to the Google Images page – unregistered versions.”

This page lists all the custom AI-generated Google Photos mods that the app has created over the years. You can permanently remove photos from this area if there’s something you don’t want, but it’s strange that Google hides this from the standard Google Photos interface.

Google has been using artificial intelligence to create animations and photo collages since the app’s launch and again in 2018. Adding more powerful AI auto editing features such as HDR correction, Color Pop, etc. Some people like these features, some don’t, but it’s nice to see the full list of Google-generated photos and videos and see how good or bad the edits of yours are. photos. And yes, even the most awkward of them are funny.

I don’t know what makes me laugh more, Color Popped Chris Meloni or Google combining funeral flowers with houseplants.

It’s interesting to go through the list because there are a lot of funny collages that I never really liked and funny comparison photos of my face over the years. In addition, there are some other cool mods that I also checked out, so I think it’s good for everyone to look at their unsaved photos at least once.

I actually like these Google AI settings.

source: Google Photos Support

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