Google Pixel 6 Pro leak exposes adaptive display, camera sensors, and more

New snippets of the Google Pixel 6 Pro have apparently been leaked and may confirm long-awaited features for the phone’s screen, cameras, and other reworked items.

The latest details come from an XDA developer report, citing an anonymous source, which corroborated many of the leaks so far and added more granular information, such as details on the major changes being made compared to the Google Pixel 5’s. last year.

The Pixel 6 Pro’s 120Hz display is one of its biggest new features, and it seems to have good support in the phone’s software, according to this leak. It’s capable of running at a full 120Hz while at the phone’s full QHD resolution, and its adaptive function can scale the speed down to a minimum of 10Hz when needed to save battery life. What’s unclear is whether the refresh rate is completely variable or can only jump between a series of fixed refresh rates.

The Pixel 6 Pro’s cameras have also had more specs revealed by this leak. Apparently the main camera is in fact the recently announced 50MP Samsung GN1 sensor, while the ultra-wide camera and selfie camera use 12MP sensors and the new 4x telephoto camera has a 48MP sensor, all made by Sony. . The cameras could also feature a new “baby mode” and motion blur effect, although these are not detailed beyond their names.

The source’s details about the Pixel 6 Pro’s Tensor chipset have apparently provided evidence that helps support recent benchmark rumors for the Pixel 6 Pro. Chip frequencies, core configuration, and the 12GB of RAM found in the Geekbench 5 browser entry they match what their source told the XDA developers.

Inside the body of the Pixel 6 Pro, the source claims that there is ultra-wideband (UWB) support. This is a useful feature for communicating with other devices over short distances, which is why Apple and Samsung use it for AirTag and SmartTag Plus trackers. There’s no Google-built tracker on the road from what we’ve heard, but UWB could be used by a car key app supposedly built into the Pixel 6, which will apparently allow you to open certain cars from Google’s next phone.

However, there is bad news for long-term Pixel users: Active Edge will not return. This was a feature of the Google Pixel 4 series and previous Pixel phones that allowed you to summon the Google Assistant by squeezing the phone in your hand. Fortunately, you have the option to map the Google Assistant to the new quick tap gesture that is available in Android 12.

The XDA report also reveals that the Pixel 6 Pro uses a Samsung 5G modem. It’s not surprising to see that this phone supports 5G, given that the Pixel 5 last year was Google’s first 5G flagship phone.

Other varied specs mentioned by XDA include a 5,000mAh battery, which is a great upgrade from the Pixel 5’s 4,000mAh battery, a 128GB storage model, WiFi 6E, and an under-display fingerprint scanner. All of these have been rumored before, but the battery and fingerprint scanner are particularly interesting.

Google has never had a phone with such a large battery before, nor has it one with an under-display fingerprint scanner. It will be interesting to see how the company’s first attempt at these new technologies performs compared to rivals like Samsung and OnePlus, which have already been using them for several generations of phones.

Google is expected to reveal the Pixel 6 series next month, in line with its October release history for its premium Pixel phones. With so many rumors that they are changing compared to the Pixel 5, it will be exciting to give it a try and see if Google can finally make it to the top of our best Android phone guide, or even our list of the best phones overall.

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