Google: Pixel Watch appears on Sundar Pichai’s wrist –

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, appeared in public with a new Pixel Watch on his wrist. We suspect that this is no coincidence, since a conference is scheduled for October 6, at which new items will be presented.

Pixel Watch on the go

When asked about the company’s strategy, Pichai mentioned acquiring Fitbit in 2021, which would bring the necessary skills to develop powerful connected watches: otherwise makes it better. If, as a company, you think you’re doing something wrong, you shouldn’t be involved in this project in order to do it, n’ isn’t that right?”

The very first official image of Google’s connected watch was unveiled last May during the Google I/O conference. It’s now visible on the Google store with some tech details like a rounded watch face, a Wear OS interface, or even advanced Fitbit integration for health and sports.

Discover Pixel Watch in video:


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