Google Play Store, a small aesthetic change to simplify navigation –

By opening the Play Store today, chances are you will notice some changes. Indeed, Google is in the process of refreshing its application store by small touches and has removed the “hamburger” button, the one represented by three horizontal lines, as our colleagues from Android Police have noticed. We find instead a purely aesthetic magnifying glass and you must now press the icon of your account to find the “hidden” menus.

Screenshot from Google Play Store.

The searches also seem to be more relevant than before and put more emphasis on popular apps from the Play Store with a prominent Install button. Minimal changes, but intended to simplify navigation within the Play Store and encourage users to try new software.

Screenshot from Google Play Store.

Like us, you will be notified of this change by a notification at the top right of your screen: “Your apps, games, payment methods, notifications and offers are now here.“If not yet, please be patient, the update seems to be rolling out gradually.

With the Google Play Store app, download apps and games for your Android phone or tablet. Play Store doubles as an entertainment hub, allowing you to buy or rent movies, books, etc.

  • Downloads: 1330
  • Release date : 04/08/2021
  • Author : Google
  • Licence : Free license
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  • Operating system : Android – Online service All Internet browsers

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