Google Stadia: a catalog and enhanced features to attract players

Formalized last March, but available for only a few weeks, the platform cloud gaming, Google Stadia has had a difficult start. Besides performance issues, it is also the limited catalog with only 47 titles that has disappointed many players. In a press release, the American firm seeks to reassure users and announces the arrival of 120 new games in 2020, including 10 exclusives at launch.

New features are also expected, “a key advantage of our platform is that we can add these features without any updates or downloads“read the press release. There will be support for 4K games on the web, compatibility with new Android smartphones, using the wireless controller from a computer and adding commands Google Assistant will add additional information in February on Stadia Pro, its offering similar to Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus.

The wait around Stadia was very strong, it must be said that Google promised, no more and no less, that “the future of video games”. For the moment we remain on our hunger, hope that the platform improves quickly.



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