Google Stadia closes internal development studios

Change of focus for Google Stadia which is closing its internal studios

There has been a lot of talk about Stadia. At, as you read during the announcement during the GDC in March 2019, we were very, very excited. But the announcement of the business model a few months later cooled us off a bit. Whatever, we wanted to believe it. We were especially curious to see and try out Google games. Apparently we were more optimistic than the parent company itself. We have learned that Google is closing its two internal development studios, respectively based in Los Angeles and especially in Montreal.

The initiative was also headed by the most famous Montrealer in video games, Jade Raymond. It is also recalled that Google had bought Typhoon Studios in December 2019 (even before the release of their first and only game Journey to the Savage Planet) in Montreal to strengthen the workforce. Google Stadia is restructuring and therefore focusing on technology, hoping that they will review their business model because other players arrive like Amazon with Luna.

So yes, we kindly made fun of Stadia which had planned great features but without supporting the developers as it should. But let’s keep in mind that those who are paying the price for bad decisions made by leaders are the 150+ developers who find themselves out of work and will have to look for more while we are in the midst of a pandemic. Fortunately, there is no shortage of job offers, just go to our platform to see it. Hoping that they will quickly find a job.

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