Gotham Knights: Discover the first 16 minutes of Batgirl gameplay

Making a game in the Batman universe, but without Batman, was a risk. However, it is a Gotham Knights bet that gradually introduces us to the four playable characters of the Bat-Family in this new adventure. The last presentation was about Batgirl, and the fighter is back in the spotlight as IGN got their hands on the game, at least during its introduction, which sees Barbara Gordon leading the investigation.

Batgirl takes over

To keep some secrets, the actual opening scene, which no doubt introduces us to Batman’s death, remains a mystery for now, but here we see the first few minutes of the game’s gameplay.

From the very beginning we can choose between four characters, but don’t panic, every mission can be played with the main character you prefer. Batgirl is chosen here, but the same mission will a priori be completed with other members of the group.

We see that the game is clearly repeating the basics of the Arkham series with an investigation part where we have to collect clues in order to move on. Then there are the combat and infiltration aspects, two key elements of the old Warner Bros series that we find almost identical here.

Gotham Knights will release on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series on October 25th.

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