Gotham Knights Gameplay Trailer

Forget Doctor Strange; this is already ancient history. It’s time to get back into the Batman universe as Warner Bros Montreal has just unveiled a new trailer for Gotham Knights.

We see play sequences with Red Hood and Nightwing, solo and co-op. The gameplay seems pretty close to what we’ve seen in the Arkham series, but with different fighting styles depending on the characters and more glowing icons.

The trailer also introduces us to the bat and motorbike sequence, as well as a very small piece of history in the lair of the Gotham Knights.

As a reminder, Gotham Knights puts us in the shoes of the four followers of Batman (Nightwing, Red Hood, Robin and Batgirl) who must protect Gotham after the death of the dark knight.

The task will not be easy, as the mysterious Court of Owls seems to emerge from the darkness of Gotham. In the comics, the Court of Owls was a secret society led by Gotham’s elite that had existed almost since the city’s founding.

The Court is one of Batman’s most formidable adversaries, knowing the city even better than his Guardian and operating from the shadows without actually showing a face that Batman can smash the Batarang with.

The game is due October 25th and we can’t wait to play it.

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