Gotham Knights: Long Gameplay with Batgirl

By slowly revealing its characters through short videos, Gotham Knights is now returning to us with a fairly consistent gameplay sequence.

Recently, specifically during Comic Comic in San Diego, Warner’s game gave us a pretty quick look at one of its main characters: Batgirl. The latter returns to us today with lengthy gameplay courtesy of IGN.

16 minutes of gameplay

And it is precisely thanks to 16 minutes that we can take a fresh look at what the game will offer us. The passage, therefore, sends us, as said above, along with Batgirl. The heroine, who is in charge of investigating a crime committed at Gotham University, will face a whole bunch of unfriendly people. But there is nothing to be afraid of, she is still a seasoned fighter. And while she can deal with her enemies directly, she won’t hesitate to use a safer and more discreet method… well, when she can, because obviously not all head-on collisions can be avoided like the one who ends the video . and enters into battle with a rather impressive opponent.

The segment shown, in which we also observe the exploration and investigation phases, can also be performed with three other characters present in the cast: Robin, Red Hood, and Nightwing. The last two in particular also got their gameplay sequence right a few months ago. This was at the same time that the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game were being cancelled.

As such, Gotham Knights is expected on October 25th on Xbox Series, PS5, and PC.


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