Gov. Mike DeVine says he knew nothing of Randazzo’s actions, will donate donations to FirstEnergy

Gov. Mike DeVine said he was not aware of any misconduct committed by his chairman of the Ohio Public Utilities Commission, Sam Randazzo.

Randazzo has not been charged with any crime, but Akron’s FirstEnergy deferred prosecution agreement says the company paid Randazzo $ 4.3 million to work on their behalf.

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“If, as indicated in the court documents, Sam Randazzo acted to improperly benefit First Energy, his motives were not known to me and my employees,” DeVin said in a statement.

DeVine said he knew Randazzo was with FirstEnergy when he appointed him. “Sam Randazzo was a renowned energy expert.”

In addition to picking Randazzo, DeVine also signed Bill 6 the day it hit his desk. The law included $ 1 billion in financial assistance for two FirstEnergy Solutions nuclear power plants in northern Ohio.

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