Gradual resumption of operations

As cases of COVID-19 decrease in Quebec, hospital surgeries are gradually resuming.

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This is the case with the Pierre-Boucher Hospital in Longueuil, which at the beginning of the pandemic was operating at a third of its capacity. His operating rooms are now 70% busy.

At Pierre Boucher Hospital, nearly 5,000 people are awaiting surgery. This is about 800 more than a year ago. All three hospitals in Montérégie-Est, including Saint-Hyacinthe and Sorel-Tracy, are awaiting 9,000 patients, up 1,000 more than last year.

“In the first wave, we had to put aside many cases of cataracts, orthopedic cases, including hip and knee prostheses,” Hedija Chemmen, deputy director of surgery, told TVA News at CISSS de la Montérégie-Est.

The waiting list could have increased due to the fact that many patients did not go to the family doctor for fear of COVID, and were not referred to specialist doctors.

Recall that from the first wave at the Pierre Boucher Hospital in Longueuil, the hospital center was redesigned to receive patients infected with COVID-19.

For a time, the hospital could have up to 115 hospitalized cases of coronavirus. This naturally had a great impact on surgery and the operating room.

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