GrAI Matter Labs Introduces New GrAI VIP AI SoC

GrAI Matter Labs, a pioneer in ultralow latency braininspired computing, this month unveiled its new sparse AI SoC in the form of GrAI VIP. A fully functional AI systemonachip will be showcased to partners at this week’s GLOBAL INDUSTRIE event, which will showcase a brainbased, realworld, eventbased computing solution for purposebuilt, efficient inference in realworld robotics applications using the LifeReady GrAI VIP chip .

“GrAI VIP is the industry’s first nearsensor AI solution with 16bit floating point capability that delivers bestinclass performance at low power consumption. This opens up unprecedented applications that rely on understanding and transforming signals generated by multiple sensors at the edge in robotics, AR/VR, smart homes, incar infotainment systems, and more.”


“GrAI VIP is poised to bring LifeReady AI to industrial automation applications and revolutionize systems such as pick and place robots, cobots and warehouse robots as showcased at the show,” said Ingolf Held, CEO of GrAI Matter Labs. “GrAI Matter Labs has a flood of over $1 million in preorders and we are thrilled to provide our partners and customers with early access in industrial automation, consumer electronics, defense and more with our GrAI VIP M.2 cards today. “.

“GML targets the rapidly growing $1B+ (+20% pa) endpoint AI market with a unique approach backed by innovative technology,” said Karl Freund, founder and principal analyst at CambrianAI Research. “The readytolive artificial intelligence GML offers solutions that were simply not possible until now with such a small footprint and power.” AI developers who need high accuracy and low latency for their edge algorithms can now get early access to the GrAI VIP platform and create revolutionary products in industrial automation, consumer electronics and more.”

Source: GrAI Matter Lab.

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