Gran Turismo 7 Beta Test posted on PlayStation website

The vigilance of fans on the GTPlanet forums sheds light on a certain Gran Turismo 7 Beta Test.

Mentioned on the official website of PlayStation and some social networks, said test would be part of a promotion PlayStation experience. This application launched in 2017 by Sony allows users to connect to various promotions and experiences.

To participate in the Gran Turismo 7 race simulation test, the route looks like this: click on this link and then select the option “Start Quest” then “Related Campaigns” and then go there with “Italia Quest”. This is where we can see the Gran Turismo 7 Beta Test which would be offered on a global scale.

gran turismo 7 beta test

Afterwards, just watch the original GT7 demo to unlock a beta code in advance. However, before you get excited, the code is not functional (1234-5678-9012). We can conclude that this is a test that got online too quickly. After all, Gran Turismo Sport had also been entitled to a beta before its release.

Sony hasn’t discussed Gran Turismo 7 for a while, except to tell us that it has been pushed back to 2022.

About Gran Turismo 7

Whether you are a racing driver, collector, meticulous builder, livery designer, photographer or arcade fan, let your passion for motorsport shine through with the many features inspired by the past, present and future of Gran Turismo. .

From iconic vehicles and tracks to the re-introduction of the legendary Simulation GT mode, enjoy the best features of previous editions of the game. And if you like racing, train and compete in the FIA ​​Championships and Sport mode *.

But Gran Turismo 7 is more than racing. Create and polish your designs with an enhanced customization mode or develop your racing skills and strategies with the Driving School.

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